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Harold Jones, 75, of Melbourne, Victoria, is a public patient referred for treatment with SpaceOAR through GenesisCare.

"I had the gold seeds implanted with the SpaceOAR under anaesthetic. It was as good as gold, I didn't have any pain."

He then underwent 39 days of radiation therapy, with he says, "no problems at all". Harold's Radiation Oncologist Dr Michael Chao told him about SpaceOAR.

"He said that SpaceOAR creates a gap between the prostate and the bowel. Knowing the problems that my brother in law went through 10 years ago with very bad burning to the bowel and shocking bleeding, having SpaceOAR was a no-brainer as far as I'm concerned," Harold says.  

"The treatment hasn't interrupted my normal life at all. I've had no diarrhoea, no problems at all. It's been a pretty good experience all the way."

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SpaceOAR (Spacing Organs at Risk) to Improve Radiation Therapy Effectiveness and Safety

What is SpaceOAR?

SpaceOAR is a liquid that is injected between the prostate and rectum under ultrasound guidance. The procedure takes around 15 mins and has no lasting effects, most men return to normal activity immediately. Once injected, the liquid solidifies within seconds into a hydrogel that pushes the rectum away from the prostate. By moving the rectum away from the prostate, radiation effects on the rectum are minimised. Even small movements of a few millimetres can make a significant difference in the side effects experienced.

Radiation Oncology Victoria hydrogel

Why do we use SpaceOAR at GenesisCare?

SpaceOAR is a new product to the field of Radiation Therapy. When combined with our highly advanced radiation program side effects are significantly reduced, resulting in an extremely effective treatment without the risks of surgery. SpaceOAR is not a treatment, SpaceOAR helps our treatment to be more effective with better reported outcomes when compared with radiation treatment alone.

Radiation Oncology Victoria SpaceOAR
SpaceOAR Hydrogel creates a space between the prostate and rectal wall.

How does SpaceOAR work?

This procedure reduces radiation exposure to the rectum and related side effects during radiotherapy treatment (for prostate cancer). In turn, this enables us to use higher doses of radiation to the prostate safely, thereby increasing chances for better outcomes.

What happens to SpaceOAR after treatment?

The SpaceOAR hydrogel maintains space throughout radiation therapy treatment and then liquefies, allowing it to be absorbed and cleared from the body. After six or so months, SpaceOAR is no longer visible on x-rays or scans.

Why have SpaceOAR at GenesisCare?

Under the guidance of our experienced doctors and in close association with a specialist Urologist, our SpaceOAR program results in significant movement of the rectum away from the prostate gland, enabling a safe and effective treatment to be delivered. In Victoria, GenesisCare has the most experience of any SpaceOAR service, we have conducted studies and published our results in high quality journals.

To enquire about whether you are suitable for SpaceOAR please do not hesitate to contact our SpaceOAR Liaison Team on (03) 8870 3309.

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