What should you expect from treatment?

Your specialist will have discussed and chosen an appropriate course of treatment and could include one of or a combination of surgery, radiation therapy and drug therapy (medical oncology).

Radiation therapy

Usually the radiation, following the simulation and planning appointment, is given daily 5 days a week over a period of about 5 weeks. Each appointment takes only 15-20 minutes. As with all programs, these figures are a guideline only and you should speak with your medical advisers as to the program best suited to you.

Medical Oncology

Chemotherapy is usually given as a series of sessions of treatment. Each session is followed by a rest period. The session of chemotherapy and the rest period is known as a cycle of treatment. A series of cycles makes up a course of treatment.

Each session of chemotherapy destroys more of the cancer cells, and the rest period allows the normal cells and tissues to recover. Healthy cells in certain parts of the body are especially sensitive to chemotherapy drugs; these parts of the body include:

  • the bone marrow (which makes blood cells)
  • the hair follicles
  • the lining of the mouth
  • the digestive system

Oncology surgery

Surgery as a treatment modality is quite tumour specific and therefore we recommend information should be sought from your specialist regarding oncology surgery.

How to make a referral?

A referral can be made to one of the Haematology program members directly or via phone or through our Contact Us page.

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